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Looks To Land That Job: Interview Ready!

Today is the day…Now, What am I going to wear?

You’re asking yourself should I wear a suite, a dress, pants and a blouse.  Should I do black or tan heels?  Not only do you have to worry about interviewing with the company you potentially want to work for, you have no idea what to wear?!

There is no ultimate dress code for an interview; you will want to research the environment of the job you’re applying for first before choosing your ensemble.  The company that you’re interviewing for may send out an email stating the dress code for your interview. If not take it upon yourself to research the company’s website to see what they require for an interview. I have created some looks to help you map out what you can wear to make you feel confident about landing that new job.

Business Casual Interview Style

Business casual attire is very easy to accomplish with items you should have in your closet. You want to wear subtle colors if you’re attending a more formal interview. A simple black dress that’s knee length will be accommodating attire that is comfortable while presentable.   If you don’t feel like showing off your legs a gray or black slack with a blazer to match will work also. You don’t want to overpower your wardrobe with accessories. Keeping it more calm with the colors you add to your look and the amount of items your wearing is very important when interviewing for a company that has a semi formal dress code.


Corporate Attire Interview Style

These looks are for more for a corporate interviews. You will want to be careful when you’re interviewing for a more upscale position. Higher end companies are really old fashioned with the type of wardrobe they deem as presentable. Stay away from bright colors and especially tight fitting clothing. Open toe shoes aren’t appropriate for corporate position; you want to cover up most of your skin. Arriving to flashy can distract the interviewer from your qualifications which you don’t want to happen.

If you are attending an interview for a company that is more laid back and trendy such as a retail store. You can be a little more creative with the wardrobe you choose to wear. The trendier the better in this case. Accessorizing is a must when creating your look, you want to show your future employer that you have a sense of fashion. Layering is the easiest way for you to show off your personal style. Use what you have in your closet to help bring out who you really are!

look-3             look-3_2

I hope this help those who bury themselves under clothes when your trying to find that perfect outfit to land that job. Remember your wardrobe is only half the battle. Don’t forget to stay positive, ambitious and show your true personality. Let me be the first to say congrats on your new job!

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