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The POWER of Dressing

A close coworker keeps insisting on you meeting a friend of hers.  She’s always raving about how she thinks you will be perfect for him. So you finally decide to go on this blind date. You are now excited about meeting him. You finally take the tags off your new red dress, put on your favorite nude pumps and grab the black clutch you temporarily borrowed from your best friend’s closet. You arrive to the restaurant where you spot him waiting for you. As you walk towards the table he stands up and he’s wearing grey sweat pants, a white t-shirt and tennis shoes with a baseball cap. Now, you may continue with this date just because you’re already out of the house and he is kind of cute or you may just leave. But what would be your first impression?

When you first step into a room you are being judged by your appearance.  Even though it may not seem to be right to judge someone by how they dress, we have been taught to do so.  We have preconceived notions and stereotypes around dressing from the time we start playing dress up in mom’s clothes or from the action figures we may play with. If you want people to listen and accept what you’re trying to say you must dress your message. Be the statement before opening your mouth. Make it known that you’re an expert in your field even if you’re still learning. This doesn’t mean you have to spend your last on an Armani suit or a Fendi bag. It means to take the time and put in some effort on how you present yourself to others.

You may hear people say you should dress for success or dress for the job you want not the job you have. I am a firm believer in both statements. When you are aspiring to do something great and you want your audience to listen to what you have to offer you must first look the part. Looking the part means to first build the confidence and then gather the wardrobe to match. You can have all the persistence and drive in the world but when walking into a board meeting you can’t just look like you rolled out of bed. Take the time to set yourself up for success and why not start with your wardrobe. Looking your best can boost your ambition and mindset on conquering your goals and turning those dreams into reality. Your image can be the determining factor of you hearing the words you’re hired or if she will answer the phone for a second date.