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Free Yourself… Break Up with Your Boyfriend (aka Work)

One day I woke up and realized I was having a very long, drown out break up with my job. I had become emotionally attached to the comfort and contentment of knowing my role and responsibilities so well that it was frightening to step out into something that I may not be an expert in managing. That’s when I realized it was time to go!

The Realization 

Before I knew it a little over four years had passed by and I was approaching the BIG 3-0. There were so many things on my professional and career ‘To-Do List’… but for some reason I was still sitting in the same cubicle, with the same job title and the standard merit increase in my salary. Don’t get me wrong this is not a complaint because it was definitely a great position and salary to say the least. I just knew that there was more for my life and career, so I needed to start getting uncomfortable. It was time to move on from the relationship that I had grown so comfortable and content with at that time in my life. As I grew into my own womanhood, my boyfriend had become content in his current status. So thus began the breakup.

The Process

I noticed the tendencies that typically compare to a bad break up with a boyfriend had somehow translated to how I was handling leaving my job. There were so many great people, fond memories and potential with the role. Unfortunately, not everyone had my ambition to advance, but rather rested in their contentment. That was fine for them… Not me. I needed growth and a new challenge, which is why I battled with the dissatisfaction of still being at my job yet I still hadn’t began the process to leave.

Now that I had realized the need to move out of the comfort zone it was time to put together the game plan. I made a list of my goals for the next 5 years and where I wanted to be. Not the realistic list that made sense, but the unrealistic child like dream list that someone would look at you and say ‘Yea Right.’ That was the list that I needed in order to get myself back to the place of knowing that anything is possible if I put in the hard work and dedication.

The Refocus

From that day forward, my #currentsituation wasn’t as frustrating and I didn’t need to have the pep talk with myself before entering the building for another day. I was rejuvenated and motivated to take on the day because I knew my existence was not about the walls of my cubicle, but about my list of dreams and goals. My focus was no longer on the issues that I was having at work or leaving my job, but rather the excitement of what was next. I started looking for new positions that aligned with my list and would be the next step in my journey. I received multiple opportunities and accepted an offer that was an increase in salary, title and a great step in the right direction for my career.

The Break Up

When it came time to take the leap and sever the ties with my job. I started to tear up at the thought of leaving the people that I had become so used to seeing everyday. Yet when I finally put in my two-week notice, they began the process of replacing my position. They appreciated me as an employee, but also realized when they hired me that I was ambitious, career-driven and wouldn’t be there forever. That’s when I realized I was holding on to something that wasn’t worth the daily frustration and unhappiness I had garnered because I wasn’t fulfilling my career dreams.

If you’re in a place where you’re not happy or need a change in your career, make your list and get to work on Breaking Up with Your Boyfriend!

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