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If you’ve been in Corporate America, you’ve experienced the wrath of an Email Thug. Typically, these emails are comprised of noteworthy verbal attacks and aggressive tones  that may be seldom done if the person was communicating with you face-to-face.. Responses in your head may be something to the effect of…

“What the Hell”

“You Tried It”

“Did She/He Just…” (Insert Side Eye Here)

While we’ve all had to deal with these situations, there seems to be a consensus on the fact that you can’t react how we really would want to if you saw this person in the streets. Then of course there is the fact that you want to keep your job!

So how do you deal with an email thug?! Here are some handy tips to communicate your point respectfully, acknowledge that you caught their shade and most importantly – Keep Your Job!


Sometimes you just need to take a moment to breathe. A lot of times when we receive one of those emails our first reaction is to start typing. Read the email, grasp the “real” purpose for their email and walk away from your computer. Maybe stop in your breakroom for a glass of water – or use a moment for a for a bathroom break. Hey, whatever you need to do to just take a second to breathe – Do It.


Now with all intents and purposes, this person really could never understand how you would give them their life if confronted outside of the office. While you really want to make sure they understand how you really feel, that’s not necessary. Think about their email and the main point for their message. Try not to read between the lines and instead solely focus on what YOU need to communicate to them to get your job done. If it’s not contributing to you getting your job done then it’s a waste and not worth your time.


Now if you’re a beginner at dealing with an email thug you may want to find a trusted colleague that can assist you and give you some transparent feedback on how to approach your response. Be direct and straight to the point, again focusing on what you need to do to get your job done.


Cover your @#$! Certain response emails should involve your direct supervisor. A simple cc’d will do the trick to have all parties on the same accord. It’s not a bad idea to loop you boss in before hitting send so that he/she is aware and is not blind sided by the email.
Read, Read and Reread One Last Time

Before you hit send, make sure you gave off no negative energy. Why waste your time feeding into their nonsense and building animosity between a colleague? Kindly communicate what you need to get your point across and be sure to avoid creating  an emotional situation. The last thing you need to worry about in Corporate America is feelings ☺

Hit Send

It is what it is… Don’t lose sleep over an email thug. Just smile because in the back of your mind You know what it is.

Until next time, BE UNBOTHERED

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