What is love but a new pair of shoes?

As a single young women who hasn’t had  much luck on the dating scene I have taken some time off from giving my attention to men. Yes I still love them, but sometimes it’s okay to just focus on you and the rest will follow. I am a business owner and my time is consumed with returning emails, shopping for clients, working on articles and building my personal brand.

I truly believe that your twenties should be used to build upon your own goals and dreams. I strongly think that if you’re happy solely with you first and what you have going for yourself then you will truly be able to be in a great relationship in the future.

I try to tell younger girls to strive for what they want to do in life. Fulfill your own happiness and worry about boys later. There is nothing wrong with having fun and dating because I do, but always remember if you don’t love yourself first you won’t fully understand the beauty of its essence.

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Being recognized as a published fashion stylist in Idymes and VoyageATL magazine recently has opened up new opportunities that have helped grow Toni’s business and brand. The art of Toni being able to continue to trend set and create a body of work that influences us every day has guaranteed her strong and lasting presence in the fashion industry.

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