Have Some Style-esteem

Style-esteem– having confidence and self-love in your personal appearance.

The holidays are finally over and I’m excited to get back to normal life. We all have either said to ourselves, friends and or family our New Year resolutions. Well mine is to help other people build and maintain some type of self-love while making sure their style reflects that new found confidence. I want to spread some style-esteem!!!!

Of course this is a word I have created to describe the connection between style and self- esteem. I am a huge advocate on loving and respecting yourself as an individual. Many of my clients not only come to me for a new wardrobe, hair or makeup advice. I hear all the time from my clients of how they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin.

Not only do I just want to make sure my clients and audience feels great in what they have on. I want them to learn and understand the importance of having self-love and confidence in which they are as a person. Once you gain this there is no limit to not only your life, but your style. Fashion has been a way for me to build my personal confidence over the years. I wasn’t always the girl who loved taking pictures and wearing clothes that may catch people’s attention. But as my love for fashion grew so did my love for Toni.

So spread some STYLE-ESTEEM TODAY!!

Being recognized as a published fashion stylist in Idymes and VoyageATL magazine recently has opened up new opportunities that have helped grow Toni’s business and brand. The art of Toni being able to continue to trend set and create a body of work that influences us every day has guaranteed her strong and lasting presence in the fashion industry.

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