Holiday Glamour Guide

The holiday season is finally here! It’s my favorite time of the year. We all have Christmas parties, charity events or holiday extravaganzas to attend and sometimes we don’t always know what to wear. Do we put on a formal dress or a pant suit? Is bright colors or dark colors deemed appropriate?

To answer all these questions you must first know where you’re going. Most holiday parties will let you know the attire, if not you can never go wrong with a black cocktail dress. You can add accessories that will help bring out your holiday look. Don’t overthink your wardrobe this holiday. This year, less is more. Find a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Great colors this holiday are forest green, red, gold and black. If you decide to wear a color dress, try to calm it down with your shoes and your bag choice.

This holiday is all about your makeup and accessories choices. So ACCESSORIZE and have fun with your makeup. Adding some glitter to eye shadow will be just enough holiday glamour to complete your look. I’ve added some of my past holiday looks to help be a guide for you this holiday.


Source: Top Style Branding



Top Style Branding

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