Don’t Change to Fit the Fashion, Let Fashion Fit You

Toni Murphy, Top Style Branding

When getting dressed or creating a wardrobe for yourself, you never want to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. You are the person who has to be seen in it. This means don’t be afraid to wear what YOU like.

I have gone shopping so many times with my friends and picked out items they have sworn was horrific. They have said “Toni why are you getting that”. I would reply “watch me rock this”. When I finally wear my outfit, they always love it. So wear what you want to wear not what others deem to be cute or worth buying.

Once you gain confidence in your own fashion sense you will realize what styles and trends fit you. When I walk into a store I look for items that Toni likes not what others like. Next time you grab your wallet and go shopping remember to find looks that you like and feel comfortable in.

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Being recognized as a published fashion stylist in Idymes and VoyageATL magazine recently has opened up new opportunities that have helped grow Toni’s business and brand. The art of Toni being able to continue to trend set and create a body of work that influences us every day has guaranteed her strong and lasting presence in the fashion industry.

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