Why Pay More?

One of my favorite holidays is approaching, Thanksgiving!  We are all looking forward to all the delicious food, games and family fun, but there is something else that is getting ready to take place, BLACK FRIDAY!


Black Friday shopping is a great, yet sometimes hectic time to shop.  Yes, it’s a good time to get all your gifts for your family, but don’t forget about you. It can be crowded and crazy, but it’s an opportunity for you to build your wardrobe while saving some money. Arriving at stores early will give you access to the first pick of items and quiet time that will allow you to shop in peace. Buying more versatile items such as jeans, sweaters, scarves, boots and jackets will help stock your closet while maintaining your pocket. Many stores  are currently having big promo sales that allow you to get more for your dollar, especially online shopping outlets.



The items you usually wouldn’t pay for are now on SALE. If you’re a person who worships the tags of designer clothing, holiday shopping is perfect for you. You will be able to buy trendy brand-name clothing for a better price and still have funds left over for thanksgiving dinner.

If you always think you need a lot of money to be stylish, think again. Most stylish people are not those who have a lot of money, we just know how and when to shop. Take advantage of the sale racks and bargain bins. Start maximizing your wardrobe. Why not payless for your fashion while staying stylish?

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