The 6th Sense…Your Fashion Sense

Train Your Eye

As a stylist I am asked all the time – how do you gain your own fashion sense? Knowing that so many people deal with this obstacle I wanted to help give some simple guidelines to building your own fashion sense. By training your eye you will be able to automatically determine what you like and what you don’t like at first glance.

Take every day as a chance to research your fashion sense. When you grab your coffee from the café in the morning on your way to work or when you’re headed to class. By paying attention to what others wear and how they wear it this will help you determine what you like and how you like your clothes to look on you. Use your everyday task as an opportunity to train your eye for creating your own fashion sense.

Create a Blue Print

Start off by going through magazines, online websites or even Googling the style a celebrity that you admire.  If you see something you like, breakdown the reasons why you like it. Is it the color pattern, the fit of the item or the accessories that you’re drawn to? After learning and gaining more knowledge on what styles you like you can then use this information to essentially save time and money when shopping. You will be able to add some new pieces in your closet or wear what you already own in a new way more officially.


Source: MS Monday

Imitate, Imitate, Imitate

Watch what others are doing, I’m usually the girl who says have your own style. I am still that girl, but for beginners you need to look at as many wardrobe inspiration as possible until you have built your own thought process. When you look at what others wear and how they style it, this will help you feel less overwhelmed when trying to build your own fashion sense. Find an outfit on Instagram or on a fashion blog that you can imagine yourself wearing on an average day. Then go into your closet and replicate the look to your best ability. When replicating a look you are forcing your eyes to pay attention to detail more and understanding how the entire silhouette came together.

Step Outside of Your Box

I know you may hear this a lot, but there’s a reason why you do. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is key to building your own fashion sense. Don’t be afraid to try new things such as different prints, colors even types of accessories with your wardrobe. Expose yourself to the idea of being different this will help you build your style confidence. Challenge yourself by going to a store and purchasing something you may never have thought you would before. You can take baby steps when you first try to step outside of the box so you won’t overwhelm yourself.


Source: Pursuit Of Shoes

Know your Seasons

Many shoppers buy for the next season, which is not always a bad thing to do. But it’s harder to build a fashion sense when you’re planning too far ahead.  Since your improving your sense of style you would want to purchase items you can easily show off.

Use what you have to WEAR what you WANT

This last point is key to creating your own fashion sense. You have shown your style by the clothes you have already been wearing. Don’t be too hard on yourself when trying to create a new outlook on fashion. Take what you already know and have and trust it!

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