How the Addicts Became the Victims

“We have the same feeling today about drug abuse — If you never tried it in the first place you wouldn’t have these problems. We rejected...

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Leading Change with Style: Women & Entrepreneurship Brunch

On Sunday, July 16, Leading Change with Style: Women & Entrepreneurship Brunch will take place in Indianapolis from 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM...

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NCAA Women’s Final Four: Beyond the Baseline Recap

The NCAA in collaboration with EBONY Magazine and the Dallas Sports Commission hosted Beyond the Baseline, a networking event held in...

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Brand Your Game Plan Brunch at #WFinalFour

The TFO team takes BIG Dallas! Follow us this weekend as we give you a behind the scenes look at all the action surrounding the spectacle of the...

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The POWER of Dressing

A close coworker keeps insisting on you meeting a friend of hers.  She’s always raving about how she thinks you will be perfect for him. So...

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We All Grow Up With Something

I believe we all grow up with something as our sort of “go to.” Many people have cartoons, some have a hobby or interest they take...

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Today is the day where hundreds of women around the United States are joining forces to bring awareness to recognizing and appreciating the...

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If you’ve been in Corporate America, you’ve experienced the wrath of an Email Thug. Typically, these emails are comprised of noteworthy...

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The Lovings

I’m still baffled sometimes about the lengths people have to go through to have their relationships recognized legally. So, in honor of...

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